At Flanderwell, we use a variety of formative and summative assessment to ensure that teachers are building upon prior knowledge, using small steps and to ensure that children can know and remember more. We regularly use low-stakes quizzes and generative learning strategies to support our understanding of children’s knowledge.

This document further outlines our approach to assessment. 

Approach to Assessment 


At least once a term, we use a snap shot in time judgement to decide if the child is working below, working at or working above age-related expectation in reading, maths, writing and GPS. Within these subjects (excluding writing), we use NTS tests to help to ensure consistency across school by validating teacher assessments using the standardised scores. As a detailed analysis of the papers is carried out on MARK, this helps us identify whether pupils are where they should be for that point of the year and if any additional support is required such as additional intervention. As a result, we are able to identify children quickly to ensure that no child falls behind.

Children who are new to school are assessed immediately.

This assessment calendar details when different assessments will take place.

Assessment Calendar