Key Stage 1 & 2

Our Curriculum

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we teach an ambitious curriculum which meets the aims of the national curriculum.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed and sequenced with memory in mind. We have a knowledge based curriculum where the substantive (factual) and disciplinary (procedural) knowledge is identified and taught in all subjects. This knowledge is sequenced so learning is built upon over time both within and across year groups. Due to this careful sequencing, children make progress against the component parts of the curriculum so they can achieve the desired end points (composites). The composites have been identified for each subject in each year group and throughout the year, children learn the component parts taught to enable them to achieve these desired outcomes.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced across all areas and every subject is given equal importance. The foundations of our curriculum link to our intent. Our curriculum supports our children to aspire to be the best they can be and to understand their place in the community and the wider world. It is also research based and enquiry led, supporting children to think critically about concepts taught. 

Our values of Respect, Inclusion, Aspiration and Kindness and Compassion- are at the heart of all we do. This is part of our desire to support children in both their academic and personal development. As well as enriching the curriculum through planned visits and visitors, children are given the opportunity to develop their own expertise in sport, music, singing and working alongside the local community. All children are given leadership opportunities through our House Captain positions, Pupil Leaders and Playground Leaders and learn about human rights. 

The teaching of reading is a core priority for everyone at Flanderwell. We follow the 'Read, Write Inc phonics' programme to ensure that all children develop the phonological awareness to allow them to read all texts fluently and therefore access all other areas of the curriculum. We then want to build on this understanding to develop a love of reading for all children. The teaching of vocabulary is a focus for us, across all areas of the curriculum. During English and Reading lessons, vocabulary is discretely taught. In the wider curriculum, vocabulary is prioritised to ensure that children develop a rich language and understanding. Another key focus for us is to support the children to develop their mathematical knowledge and fluency. Through the development of these core areas, the children will be supported to access all areas of the curriculum and achieve success.

Our pedagogy (teaching strategy) is based on our ‘Teach Simply’ model. Through this model, we have created a lesson sequence for every lesson across the curriculum. Lessons include retrieval practice, small step teaching, modelling, assessment for learning, practice and application. This model enables all children to think carefully about prior knowledge and practice new concepts thoroughly. To enable all children to access the Flanderwell curriculum, we make adaptations for individuals within lessons to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all and to ensure that all children can access it and make progress from their starting points. 

The aims of our curriculum in key stage 1 is to ensure all children are ready to access the key stage 2 curriculum and the aims of our key stage 2 curriculum is to ensure all children leave Flanderwell ready to flourish in their secondary education.