Catch Up Premium

Catch Up Plan

Funding Available – £28,720


Spending Strategy

 Additional teaching time – overtime for after school 1:1 and small group sessions in the Autumn Term initially.   

  • £30 p/h av x 3 sessions per week, x 3 teachers for 10 weeks and £15 p/h  av x 3 sessions per week x 4 TAs for 10 weeks = £5199
  • Purchase of additional devices or the school to be used by pupils  in Y6 and to take home in the event of lockdown = £1700
  • Assessment resources for Catch Up – NTS = £2050 + £770(associated gap analysis and intervention tool)
  • Additional temporary employment of TA from Spring 2021 = £8000

Total predicted spend: £17,719

(School will also have access to a Remote Learning Teacher, funded through DSAT where required to support children Self Isolating or shielding. This is accessed by a request for support.)


DfE Expectation

For pupils in key stages 1 and 2, school leaders are expected to prioritise identifying gaps and re-establish good progress in the essentials (phonics and reading, increasing vocabulary, writing and mathematics), identifying opportunities across the curriculum so they read widely, and developing their knowledge and vocabulary. The curriculum should remain broad, so that the majority of pupils are taught a full range of subjects over the year, including sciences, humanities, the arts, physical education/sport, religious education and relationships and health education.

For all wider curriculum subjects, class teachers and Subject Leaders have analysed the missed content from the summer term and identified how this will be covered. As the schools adopt a spiral curriculum for most subjects, all content can be revisited. 


EEF Guidance Analysis and School Response – used to bridge gaps in learning for English and Mathematics