English as an Additional Language

At Flanderwell, we ensure that EAL learners are able to access the whole curriculum and are supported by appropriate resources.  Visual timetables are used, both visually and orally, to support the child understanding the structure of each day. During lessons, visual resources, including real objects, are used to explain themes. Activities are supported by: pre-learning; word and picture banks; diagrams and writing frames.  Often, extra one to one sessions happen throughout the week to enhance the child’s understanding of English.

We work closely with parents, supporting their understanding of what their child is learning and giving extra homework to accelerate their child’s understanding of English, e.g. key vocabulary and/or basic sight words.

Prior to entry into school, EAL families are encouraged to meet with the Headteacher and support is given to complete the admission form, if required. Information is gathered regarding the home language and background and the child’s understanding of English. The information gathered is used to prepare for the child’s arrival.  Relevant information is then passed to the class teacher and an induction process and relevant resources are put in place.

Consideration for all EAL learners’ needs is made as they progress through school.  Information about how best to support the child is shared by the previous class teacher, EAL co-ordinator and future teacher. Relevant resources are then put in place to meet their needs.