Modern Foreign Languages

At Flanderwell, our children will experience a high quality foreign language that we hope will inspire and excite them throughout their primary education, therefore in Key Stage 2 our pupils are taught French. We aim to shape our children into multi-lingual individuals, by promoting French throughout school in various forms – taking the register in French, celebrating children’s French work and knowledge and displaying key vocabulary within the classroom.


Our Curriculum

We follow Language Angels, which sets out the aims and programmes of study for French, ensuring that our curriculum coverage is consistent across year groups and key stages, whilst also ensuring that disciplinary knowledge is built upon each year. The purpose of this, is to ensure that all teachers are able to support pupils in developing their own knowledge and understanding about French, resulting in them being able to make appropriate links to learning within the community and throughout their lives.

See at page bottom of the programme of study for each year group during the academic year 2022-2023.

The schemes/programmes we follow within our school, are in line with the National Curriculum across all subjects. Please see the link below.



Our aims are to ensure that all pupils:

  • Can understand and respond to both spoken and written language.
  • Can speak with increasing confidence and fluency, through discussion and asking questions.
  • Can write using the grammatical structures learnt. 



In order to achieve the above aims, children will be taught a range of disciplinary knowledge:

  • To listen and respond to spoken language.
  • To engage in conversations; ask and answer questions; express opinions and respond to others. 
  • To develop accurate pronunciation and intonation when reading aloud.
  • To read carefully and show an understanding of words and phrases. 
  • To broaden their vocabulary by understanding new words. 
  • To orally describe people, places, things and actions. 

Examples of Our French Curriculum Documentation

French Curriculum Overview 22-23

Knowledge Organiser – Y5 – Je Me Presente

Y5 – French – Lesson 1 – Je me presente

Y5 – French – Lesson 1 – Je me presente – Support Notes