Local School Board


Governance in our school and the role of the School Board. 

The relationship between the trust and the secretary of state for education is set out in a legal document known as the funding agreement. The funding agreement and the Academies Financial Handbook are two key documents that DSAT Trustees work to. 

DSAT trustees are responsible for three core functions. They are setting the direction of the trust and its schools, holding the appointed DSAT Executives and school leaders to account and ensuring financial probity. 

As charity trustees, they ensure that DSAT complies with charity law requirements and, as company directors, must comply with company law requirements.  

The details of what has been delegated from the trustees to executive leaders appointed by DSAT are detailed in a scheme of delegation. This makes it clear what functions the trustees have delegated and to whom.  

To see who the Trustees are and to access the scheme of delegation, please visit dsat. education. 

Each DSAT academy also has a Local School Board, which acts in an advisory capacity. Our school board is made up of 8 members. It meets three times yearly to consider and scrutinise how we deliver for our pupils and parents. Members of the school board also support the school in recruitment and other local activities that help ensure the school reflects the community’s needs and retains its unique identity. More details can be found on the dsat.education website in the document Local School Boards in DSAT. 

DSAT School Board Information

Flanderwell School Board Information

Flanderwell School Board Terms of Reference


Our School Board Members

Our School Board is currently made up of 7 members. 

These are broken down as follows:

 Mrs Natalie Harvey – Chair of the School Board

  • Foundation governor – elected member
  • Responsible for Safeguarding, Child Protection and Looked After Children
  • Term of office: 18.03.21 – 17.03.25

The Chair of our School Board can be reached at: nharvey@flp.dsat.education

Mr Adam Cornes – Headteacher

  • Governor due to position in school
  • Responsible for day to day running of the school
  • Term of office: 04.09.2023 – 

 Mr Kevin Johnson

  • Co-opted member – appointed by Governing Body/Trust
  • Responsible for: Curriculum/Health and Safety
  • Term of office: 17.07.17 – 16.07.25

 Mrs Nevine Towers

  • Co-opted member – appointed by Governing Body/Trust
  • Responsible for Training and Development 
  • Term of office: 6.11.2018-5.11.2022 (renewed 2.2.23 – 1.3.24)

 Mrs Tina Otter

  • Staff member
  • Responsible for supporting the day to day running of the school/SEND/EYFS.
  • Term of office: 26.10.17 – 25.10.25

Mrs Kathryn Morgan-Grice

  • Co-opted member –  appointed by Governing Body/Trust
  • Responsibility – anti-bullying governor
  • Term of office: 17.05.22 – 16. 05.26

Mrs Joanne Wass

  • Parent member –  appointed by parents/Trust Board
  • Responsibility – community liaison/Parent Group
  • Term of office: 19.07.22 – 18. 07.26

The following members were in post for the academic year 2022/2023 but have either resigned or their term of office has come to an end.

Mrs Ruth Oggelsby

Parent member – appointed by parents/Trust
Responsibility – SEND/Inclusion governor
Term of office: 23.11.2021-22.11.2025


School Board Members with Specific Responsibilities

There are a number of specific responsibilities linked to our members and these are as follows:


Looked After Children - Natalie Harvey

Safeguarding and Child Protection - Natalie Harvey

Quality of Education - Kevin Johnson and Nevine Towers

Personal Development - Morgan-Grice

Community - Joanne Wass


Recruitment Selection Panel

Members can be asked, when required, to take part in recruitment. At least one governor should have undertaken Safer Recruitment training.



Governance Attendance 2021/22 

Pecuniary And Business Interests of the Governing Body  2021/22

Governance Attendance 2022/23


DSAT Statutory Governance