Goal Chasers

Welcome to the Y1 team and the Goal Chasers!

Meet the team:
Mrs Coleman and Mrs Cartwright

Remember on your way to school…

Monday       Book bag, reading diary, water bottle and full indoor PE kit 

Tuesday      Book bag, reading diary and water bottle and full indoor PE kit and full outdoor PE Kit

Wednesday Homework, book bag, reading diary, water bottle and wearing full outdoor PE kit

                   *HAND-IN day for Homework, reading diaries and book bags*

Thursday    Book bag, reading diary and water bottle

Friday         Book bag, reading diary and water bottle

Our school day:

Arrive at School:


Morning work/reading




Lesson 1: Phonics and Reading


Lesson 2: Writing

9.40am-10.30 am


10.30 -10.45am



Lesson 3: Maths


Lesson 4: Maths fluency practice


Lunch time


RWI Spelling and Handwriting


Afternoon lessons


Whole School Story time


End of day



Our PE days are Mondays and Fridays.

Children need to bring to school their full outdoor kit on these days and for health and safety reasons should have long hair tied and earring removed. Correct kit earns Dojo Points. The kit should include:

Sweatshirt or zipped jacket

Jogging trousers or leggings

Trainers or pumps.

T-shirt and shorts can be worn on warmer days


Below are some of the key skills that you can work on to support your child throughout Year 1.  We will send home weekly homework each Friday in your child’s homework bag.  Please return homework in this bag each Wednesday to show their success and to earn Dojo points.

Reading regularly will develop a love of books and your child’s skills as a reader.  We recommend reading at least three times each week.  Each day you indicate in their diary that your child has read, this means they race along our Reading Racetrack. Three or more days reading per week earn Dojo Points. Every read your child does will count towards their own reading race track. Every child has a special rocket and their aim is to reach 250+ reads, which is the Governors’ Award by the end of the school year. 50 reads will earn them a Bronze Award, 100 reads will earn them a Silver Award and 200 reads will earn them a Gold Award. 

Maths homework will be sent home every week.  This will often practise a skill that has been taught previously.  Homework earns Dojo Points.

Number facts are an important skill to keep practising throughout Year 1.  Our end of year target is for most children to be able to recall addition and subtraction facts for numbers up to 20 (such as 7+3=10, 10-3=7, 1+4=5, 5-4=1, 16+2=18).  We also need to practise counting on and back to 100 in ones, then twos, fives and tens.