I am absolutely thrilled to be the Headteacher of Flanderwell Primary School.

We are an outstanding school however we are extremely ambitious for everyone in our community and look for ways to continually develop and improve the educational provision we provide for our fabulous children.

We feel confident that we can move our school forward to being a world class provision over the next few years. We want to ensure that all our families are provided with the best education possible for their children.

Our potential to be a world class school comes from our amazing children, our committed staff, our inclusive and caring community and our committed and aspirational parents.

All of these factors make Flanderwell an exciting place to work and a fabulous learning community to belong to. All of these aspects give us a ‘uniqueness’ as a school, which will certainly help us to stand out for all the right reasons. Our aim is for every child to achieve at the highest level they can but it is also very important to us that all children feel safe, secure and HAPPY. Our children behave very well and have very positive attitudes to learning overall. It is a lovely place to be each day.
The daily life of the school is built around our values of respect, aspiration, inclusion, kindness and compassion and these values lie at the heart of everything we do. These values support our children to develop into lifelong learners who are resilient, socially skilled, and successful in all aspects of their lives.

‘Respect, Aspiration, Inclusion, Kindness and Compassion’

 A real strength of the school is our commitment to the whole child. We place an important emphasis on social play, pastoral support, a calm lunchtime experience, Collective Worship, sport and opportunities for our children to perform and showcase their talents.

We are absolutely committed to working in partnership with our parents and our community and have strong relationships within the Rotherham locality and other DSAT schools.

We cannot achieve what we want to achieve without the help and support of our parents, carers and families. We recognise that all parents/carers are the primary educators of their children.

The aspect that makes our school most special is the children. They are warm, welcoming and aspirational. They love to learn and are showing a fabulous attitude to school life, entering school each day with a beaming smile.

The school has a leadership and staff team who are passionate about education, who in partnership with the Local School Board and Trust leaders, are all committed to securing the best standards possible for the school. Staff, our local school board of governors and the trust as a whole are here to help all our children and parents.

Learning is at the heart of ALL we do and our aim is for every child to achieve excellence and to reach for the stars.

I look forward to working with you and getting to know your fantastic children. Please feel very welcome to come and say hello and if you have any concerns or good news please come and share.

Mr Adam Cornes